Why does a copied disc skip

have tried burning some movies however whenever I play back the burnt copy it skips/stops/ jumps etc…
What can be causing this and how can I fix it…

Vicky… :a

PS I am using DVDFab platinum Express

Generally due to cheap media…try some Verbatims. Also don’t burn too close to the edge, set your target output size in whatever program you are using to 4400 and make sure that your firmware is up to date for your burner.

how do I set a target output size… is that specified in Dvdfab or some other program… also what is firmware… sorry I dont know a great deal about computer jargon so I need laymans terms/steps… :o

Sounds like you are using an outdated program. There is no longer Express. Now there is DVDFab Platinum that has more functions and better burning engine upgrade is free but you will need a new key which can be obtained through an auto send program. Just make sure that you use [B]same email address as you used when you purchased Platinum[/B]. There some new betas too that can be found in the read first threads. Download from:


Request key at:


I think you will like the new upgrade.


Well I never used DVDFab before… but for example with DVDShrink you specify the target size like this

For firmware… check this out, since its better explained. In any case, you should know your exact DVD writer specs (usually in the case, manual, whatever it came into/with), then head to the driver manufacturer’s site (i.e LG, Sony, whatever) then try to check out if there are any firmware updates available. This should be used with caution as a bad firmware update could lead to unreversible damages to your DVD unit…

I think its the media or the firmware. Don’t think its the target output. I set it at the dvdshrink default of 4464GB. Ive never had a burn fail or disc mess up because of this. You might also want to defrag your PC. That has caused me to have a few coasters b4.

I had several bad media that would freeze close to end of movie. I saved a lot of them by setting them to burn approx. 1\8" from the edge. (4300mb) Also try slower speed.
Just dont buy em again.

So then it the media not the target area. Though it would be a good idea to get it to the 4300’s just in case. Just ive never had a problem. Only like 6-7 coasters in my burning history(Like less than 1-2% of the total were coasters).

Again defrag, and get better media.