Why do you think Liteon drives differ from one another?

My opinion.

I think Liteon uses optical lens equipment different from eachother mostly.

Because according to my tests :

  • It is not due to the Recalibration Data.

    I copied my friends Calibration Data from his Liteon 812S to mine.
    Still too different PI and PIF Results for the exaclty same media.

  • It is not due to the firmware changes.Even Strat Changes.

    Princo — > Princo8X2 Strat works very well with his Liteon 812S
    but not mine at all for damn reason.

    So whats left ? There is nothing different about software part.

    But it seems there is something different about Hardware part !

    And what do you think this different part is ? According to me,
    Electronic circuit should be exactly the same but only one thing
    may be different.

    Optical Equipment ? Yes. I believe.This is the thing that makes
    the same model of a Liteon,different from one another.

    Well but still your ideas are greaty appreciated.

    And one other thing.Do you think this happens in NEC DVDRW Drives ?

or other drives ?

Error checking is analog, not digital. Compare it to using a microphone to record a previously recorded sound played back through speakers. While you’ll get a similar sound each time, the actual recorded data will not ever be exactly the same.

All drives are different. Whilst each model is manufactured within certain tolerances, no two are ever quite the same.

In some cases the difference between an individual drive and what is typical of the model may be insignificant; in others the differences can be so great that it’s difficult to believe that they were manufactured on the same planet. :wink: