Why do Women Feel Embarassed



When they Fart in public? I was discussing this topic with some Male and Female friends on Friday. The consensus was that men are quite happy to let off a Fart in a crowd and not become embarass. My Female friends didn’t want to discuss but reluctantly agreed that the majority of Women finds it highly embarassing if they farted in a crowd of People.Is this True?


Yep …well for me it would be


I believe the answer is related to behavior and manners/etiquette.


Couldnt have put it better myself;)


I have to also agree with Jan70. I hate to say it, but it’s just more socially acceptable for men to fart in public over women. If women did it, it would be frowned upon. Men would also be frowned upon, but to a lesser degree. At least this appears to be the case in some countries to keep things in perspective. Of course there are many other behaviors for both sexes that one can debate as being in “etiquette.”


I have to agree. In the US anyway, women seem to be socalized to keep up apperances, wear makeup, dress pretty, smell good, act like a lady etc. Women are a much larger chunk of the market for expensive toiletries, makup, beauty and rejuvination products etc. Some clothing companies have even been caught selling the same exact piece of clothing but the mens version is half the price of the womens. They usally have some excuse about it being more expensive to market to women etc.
You know whats really fun though, farting in public and then loudlly blaming it on the wife, acting all disgusted and stuff!!!


women dont fart in public because they dont stop talking long enough to build up the pressure. :stuck_out_tongue:


We don’t call it a “fart” its called a botty cough
I don’t do it, ever :stuck_out_tongue:


its a question of education.
i do when im with my friends drinking , never in the presence of a lady :slight_smile:


never heard that one :bigsmile:


i like when women fart from the secondary exaust system


Methinks women should only be worried if it’s really loud, or really smelly and they don’t have someone else to blame it on, although in a crowd, you can just look nonchalant :wink:


So you’ve never had your girlfriend in the car with you, going out somewhere, rolling up the windows, and clicking on the power-locks and letting one out? Mwahahaha, too funny if you haven’t tried it before. Although you might not have a girlfriend after that… But then it depends entirely on the lady your with. I tend to date women that are more low maitenance and they laugh at that type of thing after the gagging subsides. :eek: :bigsmile: :rolleyes:


well…it would seem not a very nice and repectable thing to do…be it male or female…


I agree…100%…


lol@braxas…:iagree: it’s a completely natural thing and everyone does it. there are obviously appropriate and inappropriate times but people have to chill out a little about it IMHO.


This is the nerdiest thread about farts I’ve ever seen.

BTW, I thought the “second exhaust” comment was kinda funny. I always find that a little bit awkward though.


and what else would you expect from the CDfreaks Livingroom :smiley:


:iagree: :iagree:


At least I don’t shout, “GIT-R-DONE!” afterwards… :bigsmile: