Why do some scans"Recorded with"

Why do some scans have the drive they were recorded with and some scans do not? I have viewed many scans, even some of my own, sometimes they say what drive it was recorded with and sometimes they do not. Is this a setting? I do not think so because I get the information sometimes without changing anything. CD-DVD Speed Version 4.11 used.

I thought that only burns made with cd-speed would show this information. All of my media burned with cd-speed shows the recorder used. DVDs burned with any other software do not.

It’s normally within -R media (also +R? I dunno yet), but the used software and scanning tool is an big impact here.

yes it’s also on +R media

In my experience CDSpeed always shows the drive used for burning with DVD-R. It will also show the drive used for burning with DVD+R for discs burned with CDSpeed but not any other burning software.

You mean “Create Data Discs” when you say discs burned with CD-DVD Speed, I assume, I wish I could tell because I only use + media and I very rarely if ever see the recorder that it was burned with.

The image I posted was created burning a ISO file with cd-dvd speed

I do not use .iso files as I backup my DVDs with Clone2DVD but I will try one to see if I get this information, thankyou Geno888.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yes that’s what I mean. On this scan of a DVD+R you can tell it was burned with CDSpeed because of the top black line showing the burn speed maxing at 16x at th end of the burn.

So I guess you have to Create a Data Disc or use dash media or burn with.iso, or .nrg files to get this information on your scan, very interesting and thankyou all.

that’s strange. my old liteon writer sometimes showed the recorded with string when disc was written with nero. my dw1640 never shows this, only when scanning image or data disc burnt with cd-dvd speed.

Right now I am using two BenQ1640s, one external, and a BenQ 1655 internal. I am going to check it with dash media and see if the information shows.

CDSpeed also seems to remember discs that have been burned with it’s Create Data Disc: when go back to scan a disc again it shows the burn speed graph from before. Maybe this is stored in the registry or somewhere?

or maybe in the disc itself

I think you’re right. I have just scanned a disc burned with CDSpeed prior to recently reformatting my hard drive: it shows the burn speed graph and could only have got this info from the disc itself. Clever stuff. :clap:

we should ask it to Erik :iagree:

Create Data Disc stores the write graph/recorder information on the disc, then displays it on the quality scan.

As for the -R media thing, I’ve never seen my BenQ pick up on it, but my Plextor could display that information when I used PxScan.

Does anyone know him? How would one contact such a person? It would however be a nice piece of information to display if it could be displayed on ALL scans from CD-DVD Speed.

So what you are saying is that this is a " Drive Specific" thing. Am I following you?