Why do some of my cd read in my plextor drive but not read in my lg DVD drive

I am having a problem with certain playstation one backups - which i have made.

I have backed up GTR crash team racing, yet i am getting something strange.

When i load the backup on my lg dvd rom drive it doesn’t load i.e. windows (windows xp) does not identify a cd in the drive and says the drive is empty - also i cannot eject the cd using the eject button on the drive - instead i have to either restart computer or else go into my computer and right click on the drive and select eject. Yet the orginal game (which itself is also a backup) - loads well

Yet the cd works perfectly in my plextor drive.

Also i think i need to mention that i was having problems backing up this game when i used my lg as the reader - the backup was not working well - on using my plextor as reader i made a good backup

I have a plextor px-4012a

Thanks for you help