Why do some DVD's not burn?



I use DVD Shrink and DVD FAB HD Decrypter.

Sometimes movies work fine and sometimes it gives me:

Error:Cyclical Redundency Check.

What is this and how do I get around it? What is some other software I should use?


I take it you get this error when you try to rip the movie to the hard drive? This error can be caused by several different things, but usually relates to scratches or dirt or smudges on the dvd…something that interferes with the laser reading the information on the disk.

You will sometimes see this from Shrink when it hits a newer protection scheme that is beyond its ability to decrypt. Which is why you need DVDFab HD Decrypter for the decryption/ripping part of the process.

If the disk is too scratched up for DVDFab to read, you need to locate a store that has a polishing machine. Many local rental shops have them and will polish out scratches on your dvds for a small fee.


dvdfab has known issues with secondary authoring programs such as dvdshrink, dvd re-builder and the likes. i do not have a list of the movies which give errors. but i do know there are fellow members which have complained. in the past fengtao has addressed the issue, but as of recent, newer issues have arised.


Thanks guys. What do you do when you get the error? Just move on?


[QUOTE=GeorgeFromSeinfeld;2149403]Thanks guys. What do you do when you get the error? Just move on?[/QUOTE]

Well you should follow Kerry56s’ advice. But in the end if that doesn’t work then your media is at a loss if you couldn’t make a backup of it. That’s all you can do.