Why do some DVDs have each title in a seperate track?



Usually, a DVD, even a mixed DVD-ROM/Video, and all factory-pressed ones I know, has all files inside Track 01, but I sometimes saw DVDs, where all VOB files are in Session 01, yet each DVD title (not to be confused with tracks; inside DVDs there are logical titles and chapters, and one title can be split into multiple VOB files of each 1GB) has it’s own track.

The VOB files are visible in Track 01’s UDF 1.02 filesystems, yet the contents of the DVD titles are inside Track 02, 03 and 04, according to IsoBuster.

I am not sure, which programs were used to author the movie of that DVD-R.

Why do some DVDs have each title in a seperate track?


I don’t quite know what you’re getting at. Can you be more specific?

Can you do a cut and paste of some sample data produced by isobuster onto the thread here, as an illustrative example of what you’re trying to ask?


I am on a mobile phone right now.
But it looks like this:

Normal DVD (mixed mode in my example, but that does not matter):

  • DVD
    ** Session 01
    *** Track 01
    **** [UDF] UDF title
    ***** VIDEO_TS
    ****** [DVD files. I don’t feel like typing each one right now.]
    ***** AUDIO_TS
    ***** Installer.exe
    ***** DATA
    **** [ISO] ISO9660 title.
    **** [IFO] IFO browser.

The special DVD-R I meant:

  • DVD-R
    ** Session 01
    *** Track 01
    **** [UDF] My disc.
    ***** VIDEO_TS
    ****** VIDEO_TS.BUP
    ****** VIDEO_TS.IFO
    ****** VIDEO_TS.VOB (2.4MB)
    ****** VTS_01_1.VOB (1,0 GB)
    ****** VTS_01_2.VOB (0,7 GB)
    ****** VTS_02_1.VOB (0.6GB)
    *** Track 02 (2,4MB)
    *** Track 03 (1,7GB)
    *** Track 04 (0,6GB)


Are these files ordered by sector location? (ie. LBA).

Isobuster can order everything by sector location, either ascending or descending. (IIRC, isobuster doesn’t do this by default).


Yes, it is


Did your dvd writing program recognize the dvd-video files at all?

For example, imgburn usually recognizes if the files are dvd-video specific and will arrange the ifo/bup + vob files accordingly to the standard arrangement for dvd-video discs.

Your special dvd-r disc looks like the dvd-video specific files were not arranged properly.


That DVD was given to me. Not authored by me.

Maybe I made a mistake.
My point is: Usually, DVDs only have one data track, where all files are inside.
But that DVD has multiple tracks, like VCDs and audio CDs. Each DVD title has it’s own track.


You can usually see which software authored a DVD by poking around the UDF filesystem headers. Easiest way is to look at the raw image with a hex editor.


Another easy way is ripping the disc using the old dvddecrypter. The info dumped onto the log screen will tell you which program authored a dvd disc. (For example such as: Sonic Scenarist, DVDAfterEdit, Toshiba, Sony, Spruce Technologies, etc … on commercial mass market movie dvd discs ).


Oh, you’re back! Great! @Ceym6464


ImgBurn also tells you all that stuff.

Look at the ‘Source’ box in Read mode if you’re examining a disc.

Look at the ‘Source’ box in Write mode if you’re examining an ISO.

The tooltip that shows up when you hover over the volume label field will provide even more info.


And your program has many useful features.