Why do SATA Hard Drives continue to fail

Puzzle me this forum.

My computers seem to eat 500GB SATA 300MB Hard Drives. I have had nothing but, bad luck with all three major brands. I have had two Maxtor 500GB SATA, one Western Digital, and two Seagate 500GB SATA 300MB all go bad and had to be sent in for repair/replacement.

Although two of my computers are only able to use the 150MB mode, my primary computer contains an Intel BLKD975XBXLKR “Bad Axe” Motherboard which has native support for SATA 300MB drives.

Is anyone else out there having the same problems. Is it that all 500GB SATA 300MB drives are bad, or am I just having a real bad run of luck?


Either you have some serious heat issues or there might be a problem with your PSUs. Check the voltages they are outputing if possible with a mulitimeter.

Maybe something is up with the SATA power connectors as your other drives are fine.

Maybe just really bad luck?

I think the heat is the number one hard drive killer.

i bet on the psu , as alredy said get a digital multimeter (will cost 10-15$) and get the voltages checked , see this post for info on how to measure em

i disagree , i’d say a bad/cheap psu is #1 and static electricity #2 (espically for those who have a rug on their computer room) , heat hardly ever kills HD’s (thats far more common in maxtor drives then any other brand)

my friend had the same problem, HDD lasted him about 3-4 months. His Cooler Master 500W PSU has been killing his HDDs.

Now he got Silverstone and no more problem

Hi folks, thanks for the responses. I really wish it was as simple as a heat problem.

I have had those drives in three different computers and all three have very good ventilation.

All three computers are housed in Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS Full Tower Cases that have more fans than you can shake a stick at.

Each case also has two or three PATA hard drives and I haven’t had any problems with them, only the 500GB SATA 300MB. I did forget to mention that each computer also has one or two 320GB SATA 300MB Hard Drives and I haven’t lost any of those.

I know that the answer is out there, I’ll just keep searching.


PS: I have just installed a Thermaltake 700 Watt Power Supply. Let’s see it that helps.

That should help - I don’t know if it’s the different power connector or what, but (my) SATA drives seem to be more prone to chip-death than their PATA counterparts.

Also, while the HD temp isn’t too big an issue, if it’s got a large temp delta (i.e. the difference between lowest temp and highest temp) then that might be what’s causing them to die prematurely.

If you have a HD that is being cooled to 40c, but spikes to 50c when under load, it will probably die faster than a drive that is at 50c all the time.

i just remembred , some sata hard drives have 2 power connectors , molex+standard sata , its important to connect only one of em otherwise it will fry the HD , i wonder if you connected both