Why do people still buy CD media?

I was just wondering because of the following technical reasons…

At my work (Staples), they still sell Maxell CD-R Pro’s in 10-packs… These are Taiyo Yuden cds with ceramic protective coating on the top layer. These are possibly the last good strong CDs you can buy anymore.

EXCEPT… DVD media blanks are pretty much the same price as CD media blanks, in some cases cheaper… and DVD media unlike CD media has DUAL polycarbonate layers… one on top, one on bottom… unlike CD media which is just on the bottom. So this means from a structural point of view, DVDs are much more damage resistant than CDs…

So, why is there still a market for CDs?

CD audio, Car cd player, portable cd/mp3 player, vcd/svcd, copy data for friends who live in the past and don’t have a dvd-rom :stuck_out_tongue:

Recording audio CDs for listening in a car. DVD-Audio players aren’t really available in cars yet, except as aftermarket accessories and in some Acura (Honda) models.

Yep, I got them only for the car since DVD-players are still rather expensive (but prices are going down so imho it’s only a matter of time).

For burning linux and other open source OS ISO images. They only come as ISO images that fit CDs. Most are bootable discs so there is no way to combine a few into one DVD.

Not all places in the world owned dvd player…it is safest to buy CD’s to make sure that it will play/work player even in the remote area (third world country) which is normally owned normal cd player. Beside not all people owned dvd player and can’t afford to buy…

Boy O Boy, isn’t this the truth. You would never believe some people just don’t have a DVD-rom…

and that is just the funnest


not always true, i know people that put linux on dvd, quite easy if u know what ur doin

I dont like car mp3 player, I only use cd player alone for car audio therefore I still buy CDs. and I use CD for backing up data softwares

Also for some people they make cheaper coasters than dvd,s :bigsmile:

Yeah, now even OS comes with DVD. I know at least Fedora linux provide a DVD image that replaces 4 CDs. I won’t be surprised to see the next version of windows on DVD.

I still like to put movies onto cd just to have the nice painful 4 hour wait of encoding ant then burnin it onto cd. aaaahhhhh reminds me of dial up!!!

Have seen the 64 bit version of XP and i’m afraid to say its still only on cd but longhorn(not sure about the name!) may change!!

LMAO :bigsmile: Isnt that the truth.

I wouldn’t waste a DVD media on anything that would fit on CD - and DVD multisession is a rather fraught NON-standard.

There are also CD/MP3 players… the CD-R will be quite some time dying out, certainly as long as CD-Audio remains in the picture, and while DVD-Players with MP3/JPG capability are only prepared to do that trick with CD media, not with DVD.

I thing you can say that any current system will have, at least, a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive - though that means they can only write CD.

The CD-ROM drive for a PC, will probably soon be uneconomic to produce, and pointless, since a DVD-ROM can double for it.


I burn my all audio to 80Min CDRs, why would I want to burn this to DVD.

DVDs I use for Films and storage.


As others have said, I too burn my own music compilations for use in the car, plus copies of my original albums.

Burh music and small data files

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Audio CD-Rs are IMHO the biggest reason why the format hasn’t died. DVD-Audio just doesn’t have the flexibility or low cost of equipment to take over as of yet. I can burn a regular Audio CD and not worry about it working in any CD Player that I choose. The same cannot be said for a DVD Audio.

Why do people listen to music? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to have an AudioDVD player in my car.
Why aren’t Audio DVD players widespread by now?
#1: Lack of commercially released Audio DVDs
#2: Lack of awareness/demand from the general public on Audio DVDs
#3: Lack of manufacturers supporting Audio DVD hardware (also ties into pricing)