Why do people slag off datawrite reds v3



i have had no problem burning them and they play fine in dvd players the only problem i have found is in reading them at the end of the slows way down in DVDinfo they may not be the greatest madia but if you just want a disc to play in your dvd player then do you not need the best but one that is playable :confused:


if you find media that works then use it. most of us though have issues with this media…not all are bad though. Also just becuase it plays fine now doesnt mean that in a year from now your disk will still play. :wink:


i understand what you are saying there is conflicting views on alot of media and it’s hard to decide what is good and for the price the red v3 look quit new so it’s hard to know how long they will last i just want good media at an ok price i live in the uk and the best i think i can get is ritek but same people say there good and then other people say there bad so it’s confusing for me because i’m no expert thanks :bow:


Ive had some really good batches of Riteks…so i think you do to…keep using them until you have issues…just dont buy 100 at a time! :o