Why do none of my VCD's work?

Alright. Originally I just thought my DVD player didn’t play them but I was just watching one earlier today. So then I tried to copy the VCD directly and play it and it wouldn’t function. So yeah I know I’m an idiot but I’m curious if anyone could help me out with this one.

What method did you use to copy the disc?
You can not just copy/drag and drop the contents of a VCD disc and expect the copy to work. VCD’s are laid out differently than a typical CD.

I would like to also know how to copy a vcd to a vcd. I have tried VCDEasy, Nero, TMEGnc and some other programs but failed at all of them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

Try copying using CDRWin, Alcohol 120%, CloneCD etc.
Master CD --> Image --> Burn

Well for the VCD I was copying earlier, I just literally put it in and selected the option “copy CD” for Nero Express.

For Nero that is what I did.

Also I made a VCD a while back using Sonic and it never players anywhere.

find the mpeg file and open up which ever vcd burning program you use and just burn a new vcd using the mpeg file which is a .dat file
usually found ing the folder mpegav

i just tried it myself to be sure if you dont have a cd-rom and a burner copy the .dat file to your hard drive then burn that file using the vcd burning program i prefer nero but nti works just as well

its that simple good luck

i think blindwrite will make working copys of a vcd, as wil alcohol 120%

That’s what I’ve been doing but the ones I make do not play in the DVD player.

I guess I’ll try Alcohol 120%.

Edit: Where can … <- Any further warez requests will be delt with severely - CM

A VCD can be copied with just about anything, I have used Discjuggler and copy on the fly ie VCD in CDROM, blank in the burner, hit Go. I burn at 16x max, any higher then dont expect the CD to play.

Unless you have a crappy burner or media you don’t have to worry about burning speed. I have a 24x RW that plays fine for instance.

I actually have neither, I use Mistui Gold for my CDR media and burn with my LiteOn 52x, you cant get any better than either of those. Playback is also depandant on the player you put the CD in. Of course there will be someone claiming they burn them at 52x without a problem. Some people think Princo media is good as well, but I can assure you a slower burn for VCD’s will ALWAYS give you a guarentee trouble free playback on ALL equipment.

I’ve burnt one using Sonic and one using Nero and neither seem to function. Oh yes. I apologize for asking about Alcohol 120%. I hadn’t realized. Again, I apologize profusely.

Edit: I read your post more carefully. I will try to burn it at a lower speed and see how it functions. I never realized burn speed could effect the chance of playing success.

I went ahead and downloaded Alcohol 120% and used the ‘copy wizard’ function. I was able to copy the vcd to a CD-R and used Windows Media Player to play it back. Problem? I was not able to play the burned VCD on by DVD player. I am able to play the original VCD in my DVD/CD/Video CD player. Is it because Alcohol 120% changes the .dat (or mpeg) files to .mds (Media Descriptor Image File)? Am I missing a step?

Sorry but I really cant see how you guys are making such a simple act of copying a CD to another CD, be it a VCD or anything else, so darn hard. Just about ALL burning software has a Copy function, to simply copy a CD to a CD, either via a tempory HD image of directly. I say again, unless you do the burn slowly and to QUALITY media, dont expect it to play.

The copying part is father easy. It is getting the VCD to function in a DVD player that seems to be the issue. I havn’t had a chance to test it at a lower burn speed yet. If that works. I’ll let you know and you can seal off this topipc.

I was wondering if someone could either explain to me or link me to an article explaining why burning at speeds higher than 16x can cause trouble with VCD’s? Also does the same count for SCVD’s or DVD’s?

I apologize for this triple post but I’d like to update you on this. My DVD players functions with VCD’s. I know this because I was watching one the other day. So I decided to make an image of it and copy it. That did not work.

So I took video and turned it into an mpeg. From there using Nero, I decided to make a VCD.

I burnt it at 8x.

As the project finished, I happily made my way over to my DVD player and put it in. As I stood there waiting. I got the same message I usually get from all my made VCD’s. “Please insert disc.”.

If anyone else can give me an idea that does not involve downloading a thousand different programs or paying for a thousand different programs. I’m all ears… Heck, I think I’m even willing to listen then. But I don’t understand why this won’t work as is for Nero.

Well, I decided that copying a vcd is much easier than I my first few attempts. It was not because I was not copying in correctly or having a difficult time doing so. It was the DVD player all along.

I have a newer Sony DVD player (which does play VCDs) which I had been trying my burned disks on. Each time I received the same message of ‘Please insert disk.’ I finally decided to try my older Pioneer DVD player (which also plays VCDs). IT WORKED!!!

It may not be as difficult as it may seems as it could just be the equipment you are using. As I stated above, even though both DVD players play VCDs, only my Pioneer DVD player would actually accept the burned disk.

Thank you. This is more than likely the culprit. I guess I will have to get a new DVD player and find out.

I have a 40 dollar dvd player, plays burned VCD’s fine. You can defintly afford something as cheap as that.