Why do new drives burn 22x, but only read 16x?



As I do my research into the various DVD drives out there, I found something rather puzzling.

Most newer drives out there can do 20x or even 22x burn, but cap out at 16x on reading. Is there any particular reason for this?

If anyone can make any recommendations on a drive that can also read at 20x or 22x as well as burn, I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Burn speed is somewhat of a gimmick for drive manufacturers. Whats most important is burn quality, so for me, my 20x burner only burns at 12x because thats where the media produces the lowest error rate. This will ofcourse depend on the drive and the brand of media being used. Also the time it takes for a burn to complete is not always directly proportional to the burn speed, it depends on the writing strategy used by the burner. For a while 12x was faster than 16x due to the writing strategy of the drive.

As for fastest reader, you can check out the reviews that cdfreaks does on new drives, they are usually pretty detailed.


Just note that the few drives that do have these higher read speeds enabled by third parties are the only drives that have a good reading stability. Many drives have had test patches made available, but the majority of them could not handle reading so fast [for whatever reason].

I know that the LiteOn DH20A3 series has an 18x [and has/had a 20x] maximum read speed on SL media by patching, as can the iHAS120 and some other later LiteOn drives. Also, the Samsung SH-S202/S203/S223 drives all have the ability [with a patch] to read 18x on SL media; the 223 alone can read up to 16x on DVD+R DL media. Not much else besides those drives are stable readers…