Why do my cd-r sound scratchy or hazy?



Will someone please help me? Every once in a while when i burn a cd, during playback i start to hear a hazy, or scratchy sound. I don’t know what causes this. I’ve used alot of different burners and it seems to happen regardless. This makes the cd r useless and i end up throwing it away not to mention my time. I’ve used many different brands. What is it that causes this and what can i do to fix it assuming it is fixable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Chad.


At what speed are you burning? What burner are you currently using? And what discs do you have there now?


Thanks for a reply. I’m using my dell comp, i think it is a phillips, with a TDK cd-r (52x) it’s set at max. speed.


For audio cd’s no higher than 24x is my personal recommendation with preferred of 16x.


Oh so if you use a slower speed does that mean it encodes it better. Because it seems when i use a mp3 file, that’s when it does it most. I was assuming that the more you copy a file it loses something. If that makes any sense.


Slower speed in theory reduces jitter. Burning slower than 16x usually does not make sense with CDs though.

Keep in mind that it’s an entirely different thing with DVDs though.

If you copy files the files don’t lose anything as it’s stored digitally. :disagree:
In theory, a copied CD should not lose quality either, as the data is stored digitally. The reasons for the “difference” heard by some are mostly unknown.


Many cd players cannot read audio cd-r’s that have been recorded at high speeds. It’s just a flaw in the process, mainly due to the jitter levels that results from higher speeds making it difficult for the laser to playback without distortion.


If you’re burning MP3 discs, most like your problem is in the MP3 file itself. Burn speed will really only affect audio CD playback quality in this context.

If you’re creating an audio CD [I]FROM[/I] MP3 files, then you should convert the MP3 to wav first, to avoid potential conversion issues that burning and converting at the same time can cause.


I would agree with CDan that you should convert to WAV first, then burn at a lower speed like jhtalisman has said.


Agreed there too. I use 16x for audio all the time, no problems.

Never tried converting to .wav first though…I guess because I never had any playback problems using Burrrn to create my audio CDs from .mp3s. I shall give that a go if I encounter any problems, though.


Definately :iagree: Well, i tried it a few times with Nero and always with bad results. Don’t think i had the problem with other apps. I.e i always burn cue/mp3 with Blindwrite and there’s never been a hiss :wink:


What device do you use to playback those CD-rs? Is it your Computer drive or some standalone one?
If it is a standalone it could be that the laser is getting weak. I have an older player which started to give strange noise during playback of CD-Rs about 1 year ago because the laser is getting too weak. Till then all discs played fine on that player (it was something from one moment to the other). If its your computer drive you are using ther could be something wrong with the original files or with the conversion of MP3 to WAV/Audio CD.


Older versions of Nero 7 handling of mp3s was really buggy from what I’ve heard.


I play them back usually on a portable (sony) I have two of them and a stand a lone player. It seems to play back hazy on all of them when it happens, but this time it was when i burned from a wma file. On nero it doesn’t work when you do it from a wav file. I was thinking it had to do with the volume as well. maybe if it wasn’t high enough it would have problems reading resulting in that hazy sound.


Burrrn already does that for you… Before it burns the CD, it decodes all the files to .wav using their reference decoder. That’s what all the processing is before it starts burning.