Why do men hate taking there wife/girlfriend shopping?

I love shopping, next to an orgasm and chocolate, there is nothing i’d rather do than spend a day going around the shops looking at clothes, shoes, perfume, etc.

This is usually a pastime I have to participate in alone or with a friend. If hubby comes along he moans about the amount of time I can spend looking at a dress or a pair of shoes.
Why do most men hate shopping?

lol…you already answered it for me…same as your hubby

Bingo. I never understood why my women insist on having so many outfits and so many shoes. And this whole thing about style and matching colors and whatnot: I don’t get it… they all look fine. :stuck_out_tongue: For me, if a piece of clothing serves its purpose (i.e., keeps me warm, keeps me covered), fits, looks reasonably decent (not ragged, no outrageous colors like neon), and is reasonably priced, it’s fine. Takes me about 2 minutes to pick out what would take my mother 20 minutes to pick out.

Having said that, I do enjoy shopping w/ my gf, though. For one, because it’s time spent with her. The other reason is that it’s fun to tease her about how long it takes to find a pair of shoes. :wink:

And had this been a number of years ago before I did all my tech-shopping online, my gf (if I had one back then) probably would’ve been groaning at how long I spent at CompUSA or Best Buy. What’ll be even more frustrating for her is the fact that I’ll probably spend two hours there and not even buy anything (whereas women at least buy something after two hours at the clothes store). So men do the same things, too…

I think we don’t like wasting time on stuff we are not going to buy. Guys already know what they want when they go to the store, we buy it and go play with it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well most men like there woman in the buf, why shop for clothes? Make it interesting for him if your gona make him go…Go to one of the Lingerie shops, that will spark interest!

i go in and out i know what i want
women it takes them tooooo long

I don’t hate it, but my wife hates it when I spend hours shopping for computer things. It was the same with the girls I spent time with. None of them complained too much because they were all good and very loyal to me.

In turn, I don’t mind spending days in a store if my wife wants to shop that long for clothes or diapers for daughter. The longest time I spent at places like Walmart and Carre Four was probably a little longer than one day though some of the hours were spent outside the store. One reason is because there’s usually no good method of transportation for me when I’m with my wife on the wheelchair so I have to wait till the next day. Boring ways of killing time but better enjoy it if you cannot avoid it.

Chocolate as good as orgasm? Why do women like chocolate so much? All the girls around me liked chocolate though I never liked it. Even my daughter seemed to risk anything to taste it once more.

Chocolate and Diamonds…my wife likes both…orgasms when recieving them… not sure but has a big smile on her face so i guess so :wink:

To put it simply, I used to have only two things for the surface. One for warm seasons and the other for cold seasons. And I didn’t even have to buy the two things because I had Brother #1, Brother #2, and Brother #4 (I’m #3.) They all wear clothes of bigger size so I can wear anything from them. Cousins, too. These days, I often wear my wife’s clothes, except the bras of course.

So most clothes at my home now are either my wife’s that were bought before meeting me and my daughter’s. I wash and dry them all very often, usually at least once a day, but I’m never good at it.

I may go into a store knowing what I want, but I can spend hours looking at the rest of the tecno-gadgits. I feel more sorry for my wife when I get in an IT related store than when I go with her :wink:

But hey, if my wife can put up with my BS the least I can do is go shopping with her! :stuck_out_tongue:

No way!! Orgasm comes first, second and third. Then chocolate on place fourth, fifth and then shopping. :iagree:

But I don’t mind shopping for hours aslong as she lets me look at the things I like. You gotta live with each others “disadvantages”. :iagree:

You don’t … does that make me strange or you? :wink: :bigsmile:

She wouldn’t think of asking me to go with her. I have no interest in shopping for my own clothes let alone hers. Frankly it’s just boring wandering around shops that are usually too hot and too brightly lit.

As has been said already, when I want clothes I already know what I want (jumper, jeans etc.), I’ll go in one shop (next, Gap) and buy what I want in 2-3 minutes. If there is nothing there that I want then I’m obviously not that bothered so I buy nothing. I can’t buy shoes to save my life though :frowning:

  • Usually it’s our paycheck you’re looting
  • Men shop practically, women consider it a vacation

When I buy new shoes (not very often I might add) I go into a store and walk past the shelfes going “no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no” to my inner self and I go into the next store and repeats the procedure until I hit a yes, then I test if its comfortable and buys it. Same with clothes. Sometimes I may spend half a day going through all the stores in the mall coming up with nothing, and other times I find what I look for in the first spot. Then I buy what I like and go home. :slight_smile:

Your hubby decides if he likes the clothes or not in a split second and then he grows restless since you must take 15 minutes to do the same. :iagree:

I knew i could find that image somewhere:

@off topic
hmm, I sure hope that you know when your wife has an orgasm :wink:
or we will have to start a thread about that subject

Hehe :smiley:
We can fake one really well just to please our men and make them feel good :wink: The result of doing this often leads to our men getting there wallets out and giving us some money to go and buy another pair of shoes :bigsmile:

So that´s your secret…Do you hear that guys, that´s the way they get into our wallets!!! :iagree:

But I alway thought that you would go buy something for your computer instead :smiley:

If you want a good sex life never ever fake your orgasms. :Z :Z

Okay, this is something that I don’t get…

Men don’t really care for fashion or being in style or matching colors. Presumably, the underlying motivation for looking good is to make oneself attractive for potential mates. But if most men don’t care for attractiveness through fashion, then why do women obsess about fashion in the first place? What’s the point of pretty shoes if a man won’t decide if you’re pretty or not by the looks of your shoes? Conversely, if women are so obsessed with fashion, wouldn’t it be logical for men to dress more fashionably and thus appeal to that part of the female mind?