Why do I not win the lottery

I get a ticket for every drawing and always play the same numbers so you would think some time I would win more that three dollars. I did win 100 dollars once, but I never do win the big one. Does someone out there know the secret on how to win if so post it here in a way that only you and I will understand so I can win next time and only me.

I do know the secret, but you have to promise to keep it to yourself.


Start your own lottery

I never thought of that it might just work but do not tell anyone else

Heres how a lottery works: 20 million idiots buy tickets, 1 lucky idiot wins.

exactly…just another way for the state to make money. It’s basically an idiot tax.

A good name for it. I’m disgusted that my government encourages gambling by advertising the lottery incessantly.

lotteries are not legal in all states (in the US) and if your state does not have a lottery it’s actually illegal for advertisers to even advertise lotteries from an adjacent state in a non-lottery state.

solution: move to a non-lottery state and you don’t have to see or hear anything regarding a lottery ever again :slight_smile:

The lucky idiot was a relative of the person that started the lottery. However, the actually running & rigging of the lottery was by someone that was appointed to run it & is in no way related to the person that started the lottery.

1/20 lotteries are actually genuine lotteries, to minimise suspicion.