Why do I need a good reader?

I am reading that it is recommended to have a good “reader” drive in addition to a writer. What is the reasoning behind that if my writer can read most everything I put in it. Are there benefits that I am missing with having a really good reader as well as a writer?


The point is that many writers cannot image (read) the disc 1:1 which is required for making a perfect backup. A reader is a CD, DVD-ROM or burner that can image 1:1.

For example, Acers cannot 1:1 LibCrypt protected PSX discs (nor can they write them) nor can they image a SecuROM protected title because they can’t read the subchannels where the protection is stored.

A lot of Samsungs can’t read subs either for example. If you are stuck with a particular model that reads like a stuck pig but writes anything you throw at it then it may pay to invest in something like a Toshiba or LiteOn DVD that can skip protection errors rather quickly, read subs & play movies.

If your burner is an all-rounder like the LTR-24102B or PX-W2410A then one can live with one device only.

The salient points of reading are:

1:1 is the aim
Error Skip - wanna do Max Payne in 4’ or 4 hours? Wanna wait 40’ or 40 hours for LaserLock?
Error Correction - image data must not be corrected
SecuROM - gotta be able to read 16 bytes of PQ sub channel data
LibCrypt - gotta be able to read 96 bytes of P-W sub channel data

Hope this helps

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That made everything crystal clear.

I guess I will go with a Toshiba DVD then. Does model matter?

Thanks again

Originally posted by flyboy123
I guess I will go with a Toshiba DVD then. Does model matter?
You might want to consider the Liteon DVD 163 which can do the same things as the Tosh but has far better DAE speeds (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=daeresults.php3) or do a Search on both drives. They have been mentioned on this forum quite often…