Why do I have to run t Nero speed test everytime or I'm forced to write at 52x speed?

Hello All,

Does anyone know why I have to run the “Nero speed test” everytime before I burn a cd or I’m forced to write at 52x speed?

I’m currently using Nero version

If I don’t run the “Nero Speed test” first with a blank cd-r in the drive, then I’m not given a choice of writing speeds,only 52x is offered?

Am I missing something very obvious?, the writing speed thing has been an ongoing problem for me! (If more details would help,please check my thread from last week titled):
"Why does Nero insist on writing at 52x speed?I only want 8x speed "

This problem is becoming very annoying for both me and my clients that come to my studio. Hoping someone can help me sort this once and for all.

As always,thanx in advance for any tips.