Why do I get subtitles on a split burn?

I was copying 300 and the 1st dics is fine but the 2nd one had English subtitles. I e-mails Fengtao 2 days ago and have yet to receive a reply. I set the 2nd disk to not preserve menus and jump to 2nd disk.

Hi Oiler and welcome to the forum. This same problem came up with another user not too long ago, but several versions back. Are you using the latest (

Yes I am using the latest version.

I made my backup without splitting, but I will get my original and try a test with the Split function using your settings to see what happens.

Hi Oiler. It does the exact same thing for me when I use your settings in Split mode. I am still experimenting with it.

/EDIT/ If you run the Disc2 files through DVDFab again, set for Customize/No Menus, it fixes the problem (this only took about 6 minutes). I am sending all the IFO files to Fengtao. He will be able to tell if this is a true bug or just something strange in the way this DVD was put together.