Why do I fart when I´ve been drinking Guiness?

I had a 6-pack of Guiness yesterday (from a good mate :iagree: )and today it´s outstanding “windy” around here,what do they mix into Guiness?TNT?/gs.:bigsmile:

Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

I get the same thing when drinking large doses of Budweiser :iagree:

Real raunchy ones too! :eek:

You (both of you) have to practice more :bigsmile:

@gene please stay inside, the wind might carry this way.

No idea. I have been drinking Guiness for a whilel now and have never been afflected by your problem. Sometimes after a few I feel like I have eaten half of a cow but not farting like a trooper.

Lol I went to the doctor because I couldn’t make it thru the night without having to get up and take a leak. He couldn’t find anything wrong. Then I ran out of Guiness and the problem went away. I had got into the habit of drinking a couple of those big ass cans with the nitrogen cap in it after work and before “retiring”. I guess I forgot. :o

…It’s the high consentrate of iron that gives Guinness it’s “Special” abilities:D
It’s also why a lot of people spend a long time on the loo the next morning.
There you go, the mystery is now solved.

I have to piss every 10 minutes when drinking beer. Only after like 12 cans do I no longer need to piss (or maybe I am drunk enough to piss in my pants and not notice…)

I go with Womble and Flying Dutchman :slight_smile: