Why do DVDs pause

I am confused with Burning DVD movies. After I have burnt a movie it will play fine on my Dvd player. Try to watch the same movie again a couple of weeks down the track and the movie starts to pause continuously. Play it on my mates DVD player (sony) and it works perfectly, no pauses. Other burnt DVD movies I have burnt work fine with no pauses while some pause 10 to 20 minutes into the Movie. Seems to be a bit of a hit and miss. All the movies that pause on my DVD player dont pause on the Sony player. So is it the DVD payer? Well I purchased a Sony/VHS combo and the same thing. Some pause some dont. I have used Ritek G04 & G05, Princo A Grade, and TDK DVD-R Disks all with the same results.

I have an LG GSA 4160b and a Pioneer 107d both running the latest firmware. I use DVD decrypter and DVD Shrink but my prefered method is with DVD X Copy Platinum.

I have a Celeron 2.4, 512 Ram running XP Pro with service pack 2. The pauses happen with either software.

Is the problem the Disks, the burn process or the DVD players. Can someone please advise.

It most depends on your dvd player, in some cases the player don’t likes
some media brands, i’d try other media brand and what burning speed do you

I have the burn speed set to max nut most burn at 4X as the blank disks are 4x

what is the brand of the media. You can check the media id, by using dvdcrypter.

Try 4x burn with Made in Japan media.

Are we talking about home dvd player or compluter player, if its home player and it doesn’t say it can play dvd-r or dvd+ r it will be hit and miss to try and get around this if your computer dvd burner don’t support bitseting dvd=r to dvd-rom try doing it in nero it fools the home players into thinking that its a regular you can only use plus disc for this

Looks like a media problem. Ritek and princo are pretty much garbage these days. TDK should be okay but you have made in japans?

Try verbatim or taiyo yuden media. I think it might solve your problem.

I had exactly the same problem. The problem was DVD X copy. Got rid of it. Started using nero and the problems went away.

thanks to all that replied. I will advise on how I went.

Dvd shrink and dvd decryptor should do a good job, so should nero. Dvd x copy might be part of your problem, but reguardless, media is defanatlly part of your problem. Princo is total crap. Even if it plays fine at first, princo dye has been known to fade, making the disk unplayable within weeks. I have a few movies on princo that are a couple of years old that still play, but plenty of others that dont, and it is just a giant gamble with that media. Check the media codes on the media you have. The tdk could be any of three diffrent media codes, two tdk and one ty. Ritek probably just depends on if your drive likes it. I have gotten good burns with 4x ritek but I have seen some pretty bad scans of it too.
I would sugest seeing if either of your drives support error scanning. That will help you determine medias that work well. Also, while the newest firmware tends to do the best overall, it may not be the best for a particular media. error scanning can help you determine if the media and firmware get along. Even with good media, it might not burn well with firmware that doesn’t support it.
Good qulaity media (verbatium 8x/16x, maxell 4x/8x+r etc.) + proper firmware support tested by error scanning = good disks that will play and continue to play.

I have been having similar problems. I received a new DivX DVD Player on Friday and have been testing it out. Just about every DVD or DivX/XDiv disk (that I recorded myself) I have played pauses usually near the end of the disk, on one disk it paused for 15-20 seconds and then returned to the main menu. It hasn’t done this on the pressed DVD’s I have tried. I tried testing the disks out using CD-DVD Speed transfer test and it shows some very bad transfers, especially near the end, which is absolutely aweful on one disk. So I am not sure whether it is just very bad recordings or whether there is a problem with my new DVD player, it does seem to stuggle with poor quality recordings. I have recorded the disks using two different writers, a Nec 3520 and a Plextor 4824 CD-RW. The disks are Datawrite Titanium (x16 DVD+R), Verbatim x8 DVD+R and some rubbishy Fortis x8 DVD-R. Mine were all burnt using Nero. Try testing your disks using CD-DVD Speed transfer test and find out how they come out.
Here are some scans to show you what I mean, the errors are quite low but the transfer test is pretty bad, this is a x16 Datawrite DVD+R.

A friend of mine had a similar problem, and finally fixed it (his problem, at least) by not using two drives to copy a DVD. He had been using one drive as a source, and the other to record. After he stopped doing it that way, and just used the recorder to rip to hard drive first, the problems went away.