Why do drives not allow hyperspeed using RITEK?



TYG and MKM and MCC DVDs are allowed to be overspeeded above 16×CAV. But not RITEK?


Because Ritek don´t like higher speeds. F16 and F1 can have great quality results, better than actual MCC, but I often use 12x or 8x to get these results.

And many other MIDs won´t be overspeeded by most drives, except with some Pioneer and older NEC


Interesting, why does Ritek not like higher speeds? Because of the dye? Will try a 20x burn soon.


Dye or Polycarbonat?

I hope you don´t cheat with something like Forced Overspeed?

Pioneer DVR-215 overspeed F1 to 18x, dunno F16. But the change of writing 18x with a Pioneer will be almost impossible because OPC often kick in and limit to 12x or 8x

The 215 overspeed a lot of 16x media to 18x, CMC, SONY, UME, AML, MBI. The S20 (QSI) will even wrote some 16x at 20x like UME02, AML 003, but F1 only 16x


How exactly? What drive?

How can I cheat on DVD-RW?

Optimum power calibration. So that’s what causes the downspikes during writes.


With some drives from LiteOn Overspeed can be unlocked with a tool, I guess it is SmartBurn

But this wont give you a writing-strategy for this speed with this media

Dunno if it works with RW

OPC: Yep. And if you don´t reach the chosen speed it maybe also depend on OPC. Or on a very slow data-source


With LiteOn iHASx24 series you can enable overspeed via LiteOn tools or imgburn drive settings.
It will give you 2 steps of higher speeds, 18x and 20x for 16x media, which normally only can be burned 16x.
For Verbatim media 20x and 22x is possible, since this media can be burned 18x even without overspeed.
For Taiyo Yuden 22x and 24x is added.

This does not work on RW media.

Edeka DVD+R 16x / RITEK F16

Burned with LiteOn iHAS624 @20x

Edeka ihas 20x scan BenQ erw2

Philips DVD+R 16x / RITEK F16

Burned with LiteOn iHAS624 @20x

Philips ihas 20x scan BenQ erw2

Looks not bad


Yep, maybe a vary of quality. My Quvido like speeds between 8x and 12x much more than 16x; exceptions are burn with LG GH24NSC0, LiteOn iHAS 122 B and Pioneer DVR-215

With many other drives OPC kicks in and slow down the burn speed or the PI (Pioneer DVR-S20, Benq 1640, LiteOn 324F), or PIE and PIF (Pioneer DVR-217) increase to the end of disc

But maybe the Ritek don´t like high scan speeds, I scanned it at 16x


I normally write Ritek DVDs with 12x too.


It´s a good speed for most 16x Ritek, not sure about P16, but burned my last at 2007; some other 16x Ritek like R04 I never had


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EDEKA is the largest food chain in Germany, yes. But they also sell other things with their own name like CD/DVD, batteries, bulbs and so on

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