Why do director's commentary come over top of DVD Movie?

Hi all. I’m a be bit of a newie on this site!

I’m having problems completing a back copy of my originally ‘Spider Man’ DVD I purchased.

I can do backup copy of already copied DVD’s (I think because they have ready been decoded or something!). However when it comes to backup an originally DVD that has special feature eg. ‘Director’s Commentary’, the director’s commentary comes over the top of the movie?

I’m using CloneDVD v & AnyDVD, It’s driving me crazy as I really want to copy my original ‘Spider Man’ I purchased, put away the original and only use the copy!

Can anyone offer a little help? :bow:
If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong? :rolleyes:

Thanks PrettyInPink.

Make sure you are not deselecting any audio streams. You could be inadvertently copying only the director’s commentary track and not the original audio.

Thanks btspm for your rely, on reading further over other issues raised by others I found the answer, which you were right!

While I was in Audio and Subtitle Settings, I needed to select Dolby AC-3/6 if available, as the commentary is on AC-3/2. I am doing my back up copy of Spider Man and will let you know if it worked correctly or not when done!

Thanks again PrettyInPink :bigsmile:


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