Why do cd's copy but dvd's won't burn? please help!



We recently changed our dell dimention 4300 drives because we wanted a dvd burner. Then we had alot of vibration coming from the top drive so now I have a liteon dvd-rom drive SOHD-16P9SV with ATAPI/E-IDE interface 16x, and a HP dvd740i writer. I can use CD clone to copy cd’s fine, but I cannot get the dvd’s to copy and burn. I have any dvd installed and nero. We have the liteon dvd rom set to master and the dvd writer set to slave. Is this right? I went to each website and got the firmware updates today. I still can’t get it to work. I’m not very good at this. What have I done wrong? Can anyone help me please?

p.s. I’m sorry I posted earlier in the wrong thread.


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Welcome to the forum katiebell, can you give us some more info on what type of DVD you are having problems with! Is it a Data or Movie DVD? Your setup seems ok but it might be better to change it so your DVD-Rom is slave and the HP write is set as master. Some DVD writes don’t like to be set as slave to a DVD-Rom, but I don’t think that is the cause of your problems. Nero can be a problem at the best of times so you might need to try some other software. If you are trying to copy a Movie DVD best to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 and not Nero to do it.


Thank you for your response, I hope you or someone can help. I am trying to copy movie dvd’s. I have been using dvd shrink 3.2, slysoft any dvd and intervideo dvd copy. I just tried the nero because I started to have trouble when we installed the new drives, I don’t really like the looks of it anyway & I can uninstall it if I need to. It was free with the dvd rom. I didn’t have any problems when I copied a music cd with cd clone.