Why do CD/DVD drives stop reading CDs/DVDs?

Does anyone know why this is?? Has anyone ever taken optical drives apart and replaced any peices to get it to work again??

The reason I ask, is because I have a Toshiba SD-R5002 DVD-R/-RW drive that no longer reads ANY CD/DVD disks. I have tried updating the firmware and it has not helped. The drive was manufactured in April 2003 and is already dead.

It ejects fine and the LED lights up like it is TRYING to read the disks, but never reads them. Sounds like it never fully spins up. Anyone have any ideas??


I bet many owners of Playstation 2 also wonder this :bigsmile:

Does anyone know why this is…or have any ideas??

Did you try a cleaning CD/DVD? Is it possible that the Lens has dust?

If you wish you can put apart carefully and try applying some /relevant type to grease to is internal mechanisms. I had an issue with a LG drive of mine and that’s what the techie did (it was under warranty). He put it apart, blew the dust away and applied some grease to it’s mechanisms.


I did pull it apart and clean the lens, but to no avail. Everything inside moved freely, nothing sounded like it was grinding or haveing a hard time moving. The drive has since been returned to its owner, it was a customers drive that I was looking at. He will see if he can return it to where he bought it.

Thanks anyway for the replies.

you said “drive mfg date …2003”

that means it is still under warranty, there is no reason for you to be playing with the insides whatsoever. In fact all you might have done is void your warranty.

Go back to where you bought it, take the unit, your receipt & a smile and…

they’ll send it in for repair (which means it will get exchanged by the distributor for a rebuiilt unit).

Have them write the “build date” onto your receipt.

Be sure when the replacement comes back that it is not any older than your unit was. Otherwise if you have problems again, you’ll pay for that error.

-The factory only looks at the build date for warranty coverage.

If you scratched up the screws, etc, … good luck.

If any device is within the warranty period, it’s always adivisable to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Also, make sure that you don’t tamper with seals/stickers even during normal operations hence manufacuter might claim it’s has been put apart and refuse to replace.