Why do burnt CDs skip?



Any CD I’ve ever burnt skips in my vehicles’ CD player after playing a while – usually starting around the tenth track and growing progressively worse.

No commercial CD ever skips in the same CD players, no matter how long it’s been playing.

Why are the burnt CDs skipping? I’ve got a Lite-On burner, and have used different brands of CDs. I’ve used various burning apps, all with the same results.

The CDs don’t skip in a home CD player or computer – just in my two vehicles.


I have the same problem. The manual for my car stereo does actually state that it won’t play CD-R.
However, I can almost solve the problem by using a CD Writer. It seems that the burn quality is far better for CDs than burning with a DVD Writer. I use Roxio & burn at a slow speed ( 4X/8X) & most of my burns work. I did also try audio CDs which seems to work reasonably well but I just use normal CDs now.


The car stereo is always fussy compared to the others - most will even have trouble recognising CD-R (although much later models seem to be better) - try burning at slowest speed u can handle - or use an older burner or even a PLEXTOR/YAMAHA one … they have special modes (such as audio master for yamaha and some plextools for plextor) that change the laser focus/power to help alleviate these problems


Using CD-Rs with cyanine or AZO dye may help as well. You can tell them by the blue-green or dark blue color of the recording side. All Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs are cyanine. You can get them from Rima or NewEgg or as Maxell CD-R Pro from Staples. Verbatim Datalife Plus and Vinyl CD-Rs use AZO.


To answer the original question, store bought CDs are stamped, not burned,
therefore they will play better and last many times longer then a CD that is burned…


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