Why didn't it work? Clueless, need help before I waste the resr of the dvd spindle:(


I’m in need of a hand here, right, well basically heres what happend.

I did what I always do and used ConvertXtoDVD to convert and burn a moive, the moive was MI3.

It converted fine, it burned fine, then when I played the dvd on my dvd players it woiuld’nt work, in my ps2 it wouldn’t work, even in my pc it wouldn’t work!

I still have the VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS files, I want to know why didn’t they work when I burned them to disk?? :S

Any help uis appriciated :slight_smile:


@Mike.H: This film is not commercially available: please do not ask for help with illegally acquired material.

Here’s a reminder of the rules:

Can you play the VIDEO_TS folder from disc (PowerDVD or such) Did you burn the VIDEO_TS folder (no need for the AUDIO_TS). If so, what’s your writer and what discs did you use :wink: