Why did spath post a reverse engineering job of DAEMON Tools?

I just read LocutusofBorg response to the posting in Club CD Freaks of the (general) way that DT works. Quote :

"Hello Community,

3 hours ago, a nightmare started when I received messages about
a user who tried to reverse engineer parts of Daemon Tools.
Regardless of his motivation, there was no permission from us.
We even never received email or Message of this issue.
No doubt, he’s experienced - like tons of other developers out there,
who reversed our code.

But to know how to reverse engineer others applications is NOT the
same as to publish it in the public. To be honest, I disrespect
this behaviour and I bet all my money that most of you think the
same. It’s only good to harm us, not to bring anything usefull to the

But things clarified and I’m glad to see that there are people out there
who understand what it means to DEVELOP such a big project.

many thanks to the webmasters of the site who responded immediatly.
You know who you are. Fine to see other professionals out there.

Consequences are, that we will not accept API-Requests anymore for the
next time, until the parts of the code are rewritten again. We give away
API only to trustworthy people and after this issue, we fear that this
“user” could try to receive our API to harm us again. He proved himself
as not trustworthy and selfish and only god knows what he’s planning to
do next to hit us hard. But now, as we’re warned, we will take counter-
measures, even if that means we must start lawsuit - this was the first
time we REALLY seriously discussed it. This made us sad, we hope
we NEVER have to do this, on the other hand, we don’t let other
harm our “babe”

Additionally, only verified users (real name only!) can obtain API in
the future.

Of course this also means it could take more time until next version of Daemon Tools is out. This is sad, indeed, but it is also absolutely
If you want to discuss with us about all this, use the OFFTOPIC
Forum, NOT any other location, you’re welcome to let us know
about your thoughts"

Glad to see that it was pormptly removed http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=94508

Why would any CD Freaks contributor, let alone a moderator, do such a thing??

I can assure you that the initial idea of spath was not to hurt DAEMON Tools in anyway and the same applies to us. And since I still can’t look in spath’s brain he will be giving an explanation himself later…

Hmm, I thought ‘why’ was already explained in
the first two paragraphs of my post. Anyway, I
will soon post a statement about all this fuss.

I also read the why when I read the thread.