Why did i just burn two coasters with Nero?

I’ve been burning backups of my games and i had already burned two or three different games to DVD using multisession UDF 2.01 and hadn’t found a problem till i got to Battlefield 2. I had an ISO image of BF2 along with some other little files like patches and things i threw in there and i burned it the same way but after the burn when it was verifying the data it found an error. I thought that maybe i had just gotten a bad disc so i grabbed another and burned the same compilation again and same thing and the error was in the same range. Then i tried to copy the contents of the DVD to my hard drive and it would hang when i started to copy the ISO. I hadn’t had any problem installing BF2 from that same ISO previously and i just finished burning the ISO image by itself using Alcohol 120% instead of trying to do a multisession data DVD and it seemed to work fine. Anyone have any idea why i burned two coasters? Are there some settings i should check? Should i stop using multisession? What do you think? These are inkjet hub printable Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x discs so i dont want to just waste them if i’m doing something wrong. Thanks.

You can’t possibly burn a working copy of a safedisc protected dvd with nero or any other application for that matter because dvd writers do not have the capacity to write dvds in raw mode.

It worked fine burning the ISO by itself with Alochol. Why wouldn’t it work just copying the ISO and other files to the DVD in a multisession data format?