Why Can't Roxio Can't Find My Burner?

First off I have Windows XP Pro on an AMD XP 1800 - Epox 8KA (VIA chipset). Second is that I’m a newbie of newbies so please be gentile. Now to the matter.

Seems Roxio can’t find my burner. In CD Creator and then in CD Information there is a message "Drive in use by <“null”>. In the Record function I get the snotty message “There are no available CD recorders on this system.” Well I got news for it, there is a Plextor 1210A just sittin there and there is a NEC right below it.

I also have Nero which works - - not perfect mind you but that is another question for the “other thread.”

Dumb, dumb software!

Any thoughts??

Howard - MiamiFl

EZCD v5.1 usually solves most WinXP problems.

You can get the update at Easy CD Creator 5.x Software Updates.

If your burner isn’t recognized after the update, download and run the Drive Update file in section 4.

If this still doesn’t work, you have something wrong with your basic installation. To fix this, do a clean uninstall following the instructions exactly in How to cleanly uninstall / reinstall Easy CD Creator 5 in Windows XP.

Reinstall EZCD 5 Platinum but don’t reboot. Install the v5.1 update but don’t reboot. Install the Drive Update file and reboot. Your drive should then be recognized. :slight_smile: