Why can't Nero save "Finalize DVD" option?


I had an older version of Nero 6 that would always save the option “Finalize DVD” once I opened Nero with an ISO file. I purchased an updated version of nero, and now when Nero Rom opens, the Finalize DVD option is not automatically checked.

Why is that? Do I really need to check it since my Disk at Once option is already selected or are they 2 seprate things?

Currently Running Windows 2003 SP1


Go ahead update to Nero or better ( free upgrades) then you be OK.

Thanks for the reply… I have now updated Nero, and it is showing version, but when I open Nero with an ISO image, Finalize DVD is still unchecked, even though I checked it on a previous burn…

Any other suggestions?


Open Nero Burning ROM click on file click on open nd make sure the box for finalizing CD is checked. Look into following picture:

Hmmm… Mine screen is totally different… I am using Nero, and I have to go to File > Preferences… My advanced settings does not have the finalize DVD option…

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply…

Version is nothing but an upgraded OEM version. It is missing alot of the Nero Ultra or Premium.

Thanks for the replies… I have Nero Ultra now installed, and the option Finalize CD is checked…however when I open an Image ISO, it remains unchecked by default…

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.