Why can't my nd-2500a burn 8x?

i have an nd-2500a with the 1.07v2b4 firmware, using dvd decrypter and memorex 8x dvd-r’s (CMC MAG. AE1). dvd decrypter says the dvd-r supports 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x, but when i try burning at either 8x or MAX speed, it only burns at 4x… what could be the problem?

I think CMC MAG AE1 is a 4X DVD-R, not 8X. I don’t see it supported in the 1.07v2b4 firmware at all. ( it is in the 1.07 stock as 2x & 4x)

Pls check this thread out > [COLOR=RoyalBlue]8x DVD-R by CMC is out

It looks like the issue still persists, no matter the FW.[/COLOR]

the discs say 8x on them, the package says 8x on it, this is what i used: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=1072284973126&skuId=6263802&type=product

cmc mag. aF1 is 4x, but cmc mag. aE1 is 8x, so this should work… and why does it says 8x is a supported write speed if it won’t write at that speed?

this thread says “CMC MAG. AE1 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from FUJIFILM03”

You’re right, those discs should burn at 8X using Herries’ 1.07v2b4 firmware.
Try a different burning app.