Why can't I write to DVDs?



Hello Folks. I have been using a DVD drive to burn data on to ‘ordinary’ cd’s for some time, but recently I needed to put 1.5 Gigs of data on, so bought some DVD disks. However, when I pop one in and try to write to it, the folder waiting to be burned is invisible, and I get told the CD is full and needs to be erased.

What am I doing wrong I wonder?

The drive is a SONY BLACK 18X DVD writer +/- Rewriter Dual Layer 8.5GB

The OS is XPSP2

The disks I want to write to are Datawrite 4x 4.7 GB DVD+RW.

The software I use would either be Sonic, or the native XP utility that enables you to simply drag and drop.

It is a mystery to me, hope you can help :confused:


As far as I know there is no native DVD write app for XP it’s CD write only.
I don’t know anything about Sonic but is it possible you have it set to write to CDs and you haven’t changed the setting?


aahh! Diskwatcher, maybe that is the answer. I will go to Sonic and have a look at what options there are. Thank you :slight_smile:


Yep, that is the answer. :slight_smile:

Try with cdburnerxp and imgburn, if you like.


Diskwatcher, Chef, I have copied the data to disk via Sonic now, so that is good, and thank you for your help, but one other thing worries me. I tried to make the disk so it could be used by another computer - the data is actually off a persons failed laptop, so it will need to be read by whatever machine they get next - and Sonic said that that could not be done with DVD+RW format. Does that mean I can’t give this disk to the person it is intended for after all? Something to do with DLA I think


DLA is drive letter access.
Why not just burn the data to a simple +/- R disk, if you haven’t already, and skip the RW headache.


Are you formating the DVD+RW before burning any data into it?.


diskwatcher, I have only the RW disks to hand. I shall be wiser when I buy the next lot perhaps. So can I not give this disk to the intended recipient to use on their computer?

TCAS I did format it - is there an option then? Sorry to be so ignorant :slight_smile:


Go into Sonic and find the “close the session” setting.
That’s what you have to do to “read” the disk in another computer.
edit : If you leave the disk “open”, which it sounds like you did, only the computer you created it on can use it.
Time to download and read the manual for Sonic. :slight_smile:


diskwatcher, thank you. I shall follow your advice and download the manual. Your help is [B]greatly [/B] appreciated :slight_smile: