Why can't I see the files on my dvd?

I made a data dvd with Nero 6, and my Lite on DVDRW SHM-165H6S, firmware HSOE. Nero played the song saying that the burn was successful. Now the problem, if I put the dvd in my Lite on it will see all files I just burnt, but if put the dvd in my LG DVDrom GDR816B firmware OLO6, it only see there old files I previously burnt not the ones I just I added on. What’s up with this? :confused:

Did some of my own searching and found that LG has firmware issues for this model. This has been an ongoing problem for LG since 2005. Picked up a new Lite on DVD ROM model LH 16DIP for under $20.00 Canadian, problem solved!! :clap:

Glad to hear the problem resolved and thanks for posting the answer to the problem may become handy to some members facing similar problem…