Why can't I read data DVD burned with Nero in Windows XP?

I burned data DVD (without muti-session; session closed) using Nero Express 6 OEM in Windows 98 SE and accessed them fine in Windows 98 SE, but when I tried to read the same DVD in Windows XP, I can’t see the files; my drive recognizes the DVD as blank CD. The DVDs I burned with B’s Recorder software that came with the DVD burner (LG GSA-4081B) in Windows 98 SE, I can read these DVDs fine in Windows XP. Why can’t I read the DVDs burned with Nero?

I think the DVD that I can’t read is recorded in Joliet file system. Does
Windows XP support Joliet? If not, is there a way to make it so that it can support Joliet?

Also in Windows 98, when I right click on the DVD drive with the burned DVD and check the properties. It shows DVD has 2GB data instead of 4.7GB in that graphic pie chart. But when I go into the DVD and select all items and check properties, it shows proper data size of 4.7GB. Does this mean any thing?

I’m sorta having a similar problem. I made a data dvd with a few files on them, so i can share them with my roommate, he couldn’t read the dvd disc, says invalid format. We’re both running Win XP and we both have a DVD±RW burner, so it couldn’t be a dvd disc format problem. Yet i asked another friend of mine to try the disc, he could read it fine, he is using Win XP as well but his drive is a DVD/CDRW combo.

I’m all confused :confused: about this problem. I did burn with and without multisession, closed and open. Haven’t tried the different joliet modes, i left everything else as default with Nero…

I recommend you read the InCD/DirectCD Warning thread above if you haven’t already.
Many people, including myself, have had similar problems w/InCD. I recently purchased a new PC, had Nero and InCD installed on old system and had no problems reading/writing DVD’s with the XP OS. But on the new system, also XP, Nero and InCD could only read my DVD’s and would not write or add files to the DVD-RW. I copied the info to my hard drive and reformated the DVD’s but the same problems persisted. Frustrated, I purchased Sonic’s DLA program (as recommended by several forum members) and no longer have a problem reading/writing and can now use DVD-RW disks as floppys. InCD was recently updated (Aug 13th) and I may try to see if the problem is fixed for me using InCD. So it’s not the OS that’s the problem in my opinion but a problem with Nero’s InCD on some systems. Hope this helps some.


I don’t think it’s the InCD program because I didn’t install InCD portion of the program. I only use DVD burning portion of the program (Nero Express 6).

I burned another data DVD this time in Windows XP using Nero. Now I can’t read this DVD in Windows 98. :a

Dang I am so confused and frustrated. :confused:

I found out that I had to install EasyWrite Reader that came inside Nero CD. Now I can read the data DVD from Windows 98 SE in Windows XP. Is this means I have to install this software in all other computers where I am going to use this data DVD? This is a pain in the butt comparability wise. The EasyWrite Reader says it is for discs written in MRW format. What format is this? Is CDFS part of MRW format? Is there a ways to burn DVD in UDF format instead of CDFS in Nero Express 6?


[B]Windows XP does not recognize a DVD-RW disc[/B]

When you insert a DVD-RW disc into the DVD drive of a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, Windows XP does not recognize the disc. For example, [U]you do not see any files on the disc.[/U]

This is an ongoing issue it seems with XP
The support link says it was supposed to have been fixed in service pack 2 but then further down on the page says there are still issues and to wait for a hotfix… :doh:

I was thrilled to learn that i wasn’t just making coasters.

I performed two experiments:

1: >DVD-R Finalized

I took what i thought was a coaster of a photo archived data dvd and put it in my home dvd player and it started a slideshow. (nero showed a succesful burn, but xp does not recognize it as having data)

2: >DVD+RW Open Session

Created a specific slide show using one of nero’s photo dvd creators. (again, xp didn’t recognize it but the home dvd player did.

This doesn’t do us any good for archiving important information we would like to retrieve and use again on XP at the moment, but it should give you some hope that your data is still intact on the DVD.

I came across a few interesting links, but i haven’t been able to come up with a solution as of yet.

The person this link points to claims to have a workaround. You decide.


Hope this helps some of you out… You can still spend hours like me searching in vane, but this is all i’ve found to date. :frowning:

Something which may be relevant: