Why can't I make a backup of Fifa World Cup?

I’ve go a 40x Lite on , latest official firmware , I tried the clony xxl and the settings suggested by this forum for safe disc 2.5x but I just can’t get my backup copy to work!!
Could you please tell me the settings you have used , I think the problem is in reading the original, but I’m not really sure!


forgot to say that I’ve got a Lite on 16x DVD driver too, maybe it could help

Use the writer to read the original, and try these settings.

They should work, if it’s SD 2.51

tnx, but I have alredy used those setting :frowning:
and nothing worked!

So what did you do?
You obviously did something very wrong… :smiley:

I copied the profiles I downloaded from this forum in the profile directory of clone cd, read the original with that profile (22minutes) and then copied the image with that profile!
But at this time the program askes me to insert the right cd :frowning:
I’m going to use daemon tools to see if the image is done correctly!

tnx for the help!!! you guys are great :smiley:

22 min seems long… You forgot FES?

My working settings for SD2.51:

Fast error skip: On, Hardware, 0 retries
Everything else unchecked.

Close last session
AWS off.

The Fifa 2002 CD that you installed the game from has to be present to run the game. Even a backup made by CloneCD won’t be enough to run the game… If you want to try a different CD, you need to uninstall the game and reinstall from the new CD.

A bit offtrack, but perhaps in some way this info might help…

i have working copy of this game using my liteon 24103s as long as you use the settings as quoted above by airhead this works fine so long as you remember to activate the hide cdrw media fuction on clone cd!!!

I’ve tried all sort of settings but I just can’t get my copy to work,I’m quite upset 'cause I’m sure my LiteOn can make safedisc copies but I don’t manage!!!
I can’t understand if the problem could be in reading or in writing the cd!