Why can't I insert an image?

The “img” button does nothing that I can see, how are others getting images into a post? Wanted to post a few WSES test results.

You can insert images, but the images must be stored on a website on the internet. You, for instance, can’t link to pictures on your hard disk locally (e.g. [img ]C:\my_image.gif[ /img]). Also note that some free websites (GeoCities for instance) will block linking to images. It’s best to store your images on free space you got with your ISP account (if you have this?). The code for inserting images would be:

[img ]http://www.myprovider.com/~rdgrimes/image.gif[/ img]

Of course without the spaces…

No can do, any way I try to link, results in a failure, I tried linking to a page, to the image file on the server, and to the image file on the page, all failed.

In which forum are you trying to post an image? Perhaps the [IMG] code has been disabled for this forum…

Right now, in this forum, also LiteOn. Both indicate that [IMG] is on. I get the little red X box when I post the link

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Right now, in this forum, also LiteOn. Both indicate that [IMG] is on. I get the little red X box when I post the link

That means that the files cannot be loaded.
If you copy the link into the browser, does it show then?

Another possibility is you use a webspace account that doesn’t allow external linking (geocities is particular about that)

All I can successfully do is post a link to a web page.

It has to be a jpg, gif, bmp, … file, no htm. For htm files you must link with the http button. Also it must be an image file that can be read bij IE like jpg, gif, bmp, maybe tiff (am not sure). PCX is not supported bij IE :wink:

Well, like I said, no matter what I do all I get is a “X”, any type of file, any type of link.

Try http://www.theforumisdown.com which is designed to be used for that sort of stuff :slight_smile:

I have web sites already, what I need is for someone to explain how to get the link to work.

Well click the post reply button

click the IMG button, past in the link to you picture with out any spaces, and if your host dosent make a fuss about external linking you geta result like the one below.

['IMG]http://my.web.site.com/monkey/image.gif[/IMG’] <- easy, what the code looks like without the ’ s in the message edit box.

sorry if this post is a little insulting to your intelignce but its not that difficult, i have no idea why you cant get it to work, if its not your hosts fault, other than human error :rolleyes:

And i retract my statement about http://www.theforumisdown.com/ - it doesnt work here :(.

Been there, done that.
Must be my web host blocking the link.
Doesn’t much matter, since the program that I wanted to link screen-shots of does not exist and cannot be discussed. :cop:

Just trying something

Right, I tried to post that image on fixya.com and it just displayed the code. But it works here fine. Go figure!

Just trying something else

And again
<a href=“http://img231.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wifiboosterbz1.jpg” target="_blank"><img src=“http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/9220/wifiboosterbz1.th.jpg” border=“0”/></a>

Right, sorry for that…trying to get my head around something. When you host an image somewhere like tinypic, photobucket or imageshack I was just wondering which codes you use on message boards and why they don’t work on some sites.

Last time!

Some sites do not allow hotlinking and some forums disable images…that could be the reason why it doesn’t work all the time