Why cant i get my backup to work (IGI 2)

a friend of mine used alcohol to burn a backup of igi 2 , it worked fine in his computer. but not in another… it
never worked. when it was time to put 2nd disc in it asked him what it wanted to read files with. a sub menu appeared, along with media player etc? is this normal… he successfully had C&C Generals backed up. he copied it worked fine in another pc ? Does alcohol have a HIDE CDR MEDIA ENABLED OPTION.

help!! ps he’s also having trouble with spearhead 2

Originally posted by Burner030
Yes. Alcohol has “Ignore Media Type” which hides/blocks the ATIP.
The game is protected with Safedisc 2.80.010 as shown here.
In order to produce a 1:1 standalone backup you need a burner which does correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns (so called “2 sheep” burner). If you have such a burner, then the Safedisc 2 Datatype in Alcohol will work a treat. Don’t forget “Ignore Media Type” from the emulation options, in order to play the backup in an ATIP reading drive.

I have a Liteon 40125s burner would this qualify as a 2 sheep?

how do i find hide cdr media option on alcohol, hope this makes sense!:bow:

Your burner is a 2-sheep burner. :smiley:

And to answer your other question, to enable “Ignore Media Type” in Alcohol go to the options menu>Emulation>and then check “Ignore Media Type”.

That’s it. :slight_smile:


P.S. You should really disable “Bypass EFM Error” before you burn any Safedisc 2 games with a 2-sheep burner like your Lite-On.

one more question… if you refer to his plea for help regarding igi 2
why would a sub menu come up asking him to start media player?
on the 2nd disc of IGI 2 . here we go again OK! here it goes

now that he did what you said going to emulation (etc ) My friend will be able to back up this game so it works in more than one computer? :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

The sites that listed above dont work? Im having trouble backing up my IGI 2.

I have a NEC DVD-RW ND - 3550A

This thread is over 3 years old so I doubt that they would still work.