Why cant i disable smartburn with a cdrw?

why is it that even if i have smartburn disabled ,and i do,i can only burn a cdrw at no higher speed then it was made for? i hope this is not a dumb question

If it’s an old CD-RW which is limited to 4X then the disc cannot be written any faster, this isn’t just a recommendation - it’s a necessity. These discs are physically very different, they use completely different chemical dyes.

If that isn’t the answer you’re looking for then I’m afraid I can’t help you because I don’t have a LiteOn :slight_smile:

so does that mean any disc faster then 4X will work at 12X?

If you use 10x certified media, it could possibly be written at 12x, but the result may contain lots of c2 errors

alexnoe i burn my 10X Certified all day at 12X with NO errors,

i just wish i could try and burn a slower cdrw ,like an old 4X,and then see if i get any errors

Like I said, you can’t.

The 4x discs use completely different dyes and require different power levels, it’s physically impossible to burn them faster. You’d end up with a disc containing 100% errors.

The newer (fast) CDRW discs also have the ATIP in a slightly different position, so that old drives won’t recognise them. This is because they are often incapable of writing such discs, given the significant differences in the media. So you can see, it’s not just a speed rating - the disc is of a very different nature.

You can disable SmartBurn but you cannot disable the drive’s ability to recognise these older CDRW discs. It knows that they should never be written faster than 4x.