Why cant i copy psx



ive tried to copy psx games with princo i know there good cause a friend uses them and they work great but when i burn it with cdrwin or nero or ez cd kreator or it locksup or the copy proces goes well but when i try it it just wont play in my psx

my rewriter is a acer 4432
with a p3 450
and asus 50 speed cd reader
and dvd pioneer
i also tried it with the dvd but it also didnt work
please help !!!


I 've got exactly the same problem with my YAMAHA 4416 ide writer!
The games seem to be copied normaly, but they just won’t play on my playstation ( which has a MOD chip installed and plays copies from other recorders!!!)
However , they hapilly run using Bleem on my PC.
confused??? me too!!
i have used both nero and cdrwin ( last versions) but…the problem persists.
I have also used TDK , PRINCO , PIONEER but still nothing!

someone suggested burning the games at x2 or even x1 ( i have no idea why) , but i don’t have the time to test this now…so why don’t you give it a try and let me know if it works.

Good Luck


Ever give any thought that the Playstation laser might be out of alignment?
Seems to be a common place for wear in Playstations even less than 1 year old.
Friend of mine had problems as well until the Playstation was placed on it’s side or even upside down!


first, the oblivious - you need a modchip. next, princo discs suck big time. you should use HP discs or other golden colored discs because they are the easiest to read. you should close all background programs that are running, and if you have an IDE drive, don’t do anything else while you are writing. other than that, make sure your modchip is installed correctly and that you are using the correct settings in nero/cdrwin. never use ezcd creator because it sux. good luck.


Try Philips cd’z… They are the best!


i always have yoused princo and they worked fine and that for 25.- guiders a box so its a cheap
i tried upsidedown but it didn’t help
i yesterday also tried clone cd but again the same problem

so i dont know what to do next
could someone send me the settings for nero\ clone cd


First of all : buy a plextor/teac SCSI
And then try to burn it with Nero burning rom.