I HAVE A TOSHIBA DVD-RW drive in my computer, i bought a DVD-RW disc and tried to copy an AVI format movie to the DVD-RW disc through ‘RecordNow’ program on my computer, but it kept saying ‘please insert blank disc’, i checked and it is a blank disc.

is there a special program i should be using???


get Nero

Are you trying just to burn the AVI to DVD, or are you trying to create a DVD that is watchable in a DVD player? If the latter, you’d need to install a program that converts your AVI to DVD.

You can try this one for free:


I’m sure others will chime in with their various suggestions.

BTW see here:


Firstly we have to determine whether -R/-RW media can be burned on your burner as this could explain the error you get.

So what is the model number of the Toshiba?

Secondly you need to convert from AVI to DVD as already suggested.

Post the model number first though.

Sorry, i made a mistake in my firsy post, i have a toshiba DVD-RW drive in my computer and when i try to copy avi video to a DVD+RW disc it keep saying ERROR.

is there any way of copying the AVI files to a DVD+RW disc using a DVD-RW drive???

What is the error you are getting
And have you converted the avi to dvd first…

With RecordNow you can only burn any type of cd and only data DVDs!!!
I may be wrong …

I suggest you goggle (translate) the following as it is in French:

"Rapide, et pratique, car Record-Now gère efficacement différents formats : il peut extraire les pistes d’un CD-audio pour les convertir en MP3, graver des DVD-audio, créer un CD de fichiers WMA avec gestion des licences, accepter le format AAC des iPod, réaliser des disques de démarrage, effectuer des copies à l’identique et même utiliser les « images disque » aux formats.iso et.gi.

Contrairement à ses grands concurrents, il ne permet pas de graver des DVD-vidéo, des VCD ou des SVCD, ni même de réaliser des diaporamas. En revanche, il facilite la sauvegarde de données personnelles en recherchant sur le disque dur les mails, musiques, photos et documents. Une fois les fichiers triés, il ne reste plus qu’à sélectionner ceux que l’on souhaite archiver."

the bolded part mean: It is not able to burn DVD-Video, VCD, SVCD, …

How do you can you convert AVI video files to DVD

I use Nero vision!!

I provided you with a link to download the software that will do it for you!

If you have a DVD-RW drive you won’t be able to burn to a DVD+R disc, check to see if you drive is dual format or not ?.

how do you ceck if its dual format??

i have another DVD+R disc which works on my DVD player which a friend copied for me.

i dont understand how can his DVD+R disc work in my DVD player but not my DVD+RW or DVD-RW disc work???