Why cant i copy EA game cds?

i have clonecd and any dvd and clone dvd and all that, and i update it, but i cant understand why i cant make copys of games, especiley EA game cds, and have them work. every time i get something liek this:
gof_f.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
it installs the game and everything looks great until i click on it to play it and then i get an error message… what am i doing wrong? and can someone tell me in detail how i can fix it? thanks :slight_smile:

EA Games cds are invariably copy protected with safedisc. CloneDVD is of no use in copying safedisc protected cds and CloneCD probably won’t get the job done (with recent releases) either.

You’d be much better off trying either alcohol 120% or blindwrite 6 but be aware that the ability to copy safedisc protected cds successfully is very much dependent on your hardware (most burners can’t do so without some form of emulation).

However, the current releases of both alcohol and blindwrite have emulation techniques that should be allow you to make a back-up copy that will work (so long as the relevant form of emulation is enabled).

hi there failing using alcohol try either gamejack of better still dvd decrypter in ISO mode should copy any PC GAMES hope this helps you SILVERSURFER

They may be able to help you over here:

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or at their forums over here:

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Some folks go there just for No CD’s, but they offer a lot more than that, including how to get past all kinds of copy protections on games and those forums.

Hope they can help. They specialize more than CD Freaks, I think.

No links to ‘NoCD’ cracks please. This has been pointed out several times before…

You said I could link to the forums, right?

Perhaps you have forgotten this reply in another thread by Da_Taxman? :wink:

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