Why cant i copy dvd to dvd from a dvd shrinked copy?

Why cant i copy dvd to dvd from a dvd shrinked copy even if the dvd is only 4.3GB?
i have a LG burner and is says in NERO express 6.3
“cannot copy disk to dvd”

is this copy protection at work?
i have anydvd running

my friend says he can copy dvd to dvd to make a copy for himself from dvd shrinked dvds using Nero

is it possible??

Yes, it is possible and, indeed, isn’t very difficult. If the “original” copy has been made with Dvd Shrink then the copy protection has been removed already.

Just use DVD Decrypter to make an ISO image of the original, then use DVD Decrypyer to burn it back to a dvdr. Cant get much easier than that.

I’ve had the same problem and apparently DVD shrink resubmits the macrovision after burning the disc. I always leave the dvd files on my hard drive until I know I don’t need another copy. I tend to save the files to a dvd shrink folder and reburn the ts folders using ImgToolBurn. This is by far the most superior dvd burning software imho for created ts folders. It is freeware and uses the nero aspii.dll files. But then again I do have 2 hard drives. I will try the method listed above though to try and copy a shrunk disc. Nothing else has ever worked for me.

Not so. Perthaps some other apps do this but dvd shrink doesn’t burn the dvd anyway. It just uses nero to burn the dvd if you set that option in its configuration.

disable anyDVD when using the Nero Copy Disk function,
this should solve the problem