Why can't I burn or copy any audio cd's?

I tried Nero, Fuerio, etc, I can burn data just fine, but a no go burning mp3’s or copying any audio disk.

We need more info, most importantly what your CD-RW’s brand and model is. Also what’s your OS?

Make sure you got the newest version of Nero:

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I don’t think the problem is hardware, can you read/rip/listen to audio CDs fine on your writer? There was once someone else who had similar problems as you, I can’t remember how we solved it, but try searching it up.

What is the error? When does it happen?
DMA enabled or disabled? CD-Text or not?

It is a samsung cd-r/rw sw208b, win2k w/sp3 I get no errors at all, I just copy it and when I burn it it burns and says burn successful, I go to play it and it either is a no go, skips right through one track after another, or skips the first few and plays a part of the next then hangs up.

So, it seems the data has been written, but it’s difficult to read…
Maybe it’s a media problem. Try different CDs, but it’s strange such huge problems.
Did you try different readers?
Maybe the reader is failing or the Samsung writer is almost dead, but you say you can write data CDs without problems. How are you reading those CDs? Read them with the same you use to read data CDs.

Try to extract the audio data instead of play it. Rip the disc or play digitally with a program that can do it.

Try Disabling DMA next burn.

Problem solved! I just ordered a LTR-52246S and a toshiba 1712!!

Drastic solution !!! :bigsmile:

But, what if the problem lies in the computer? :o
Maybe the IDE controllers don’t work well with DMA…
Anyway, that Samsung isn’t a great drive.

and now, I’d like to know what the problem was :stuck_out_tongue: