Why can't I burn DATA DVD's?

Hi there, another newbie here with a problem,

I am having problems burning DATA DVD’s with Nero versions (6 - 9) and any other DVD burning software available online, all giving the same error as, No Additional Sense Information. I have read through all previous threads relating to this problem as far back as 2005, but none of them seem to provide any real insight into what the error actually means.

However, unlike these previous threads, I can still burn DVD movies with DVD-Clone2 on the very same disc that would not write DATA due to this error message, and I can also still burn CD’s (music, video and data) with CD burner XP pro3 no problem.

I just can’t find burning software that will write data onto DVD discs and not encounter this (NASI) problem, I’m wondering then, that since the problem started with Nero before I uninstalled it, that maybe there is some registry setting that cannot be changed by other burning software??

Any ideas to a solution please…

Perhaps you should uninstall all of the versions of Nero, use the Nero Clean tool to remove all traces of the programs in the registry, then reinstall one of them to test with.

Have you tried ImgBurn by any chance? It is a favorite around here and has the added benefit of producing intelligible log files if they are needed. It is free to download and use. www.imgburn.com
To make a data dvd, use it in Build mode and have the output go to Device (your burner). To find the log file, hit Help–ImgBurn Logs.

You could also try removing the Upper and Lower filters, but I’m not so certain that fix applies here. Won’t hurt. Click on the How to Delete Your Upper and Lower Filters link in my signature.

The new Imgburn Version 2.5 allows you to also create virtual directory structures before burning to disc (the old versions, you had to create your directory structures on the HDD first :wink: )

Thanks Kerry56,

Will try these downloads out and post reply later, but now its 2.00am here in UK and I need some sleep…

No Additional Sense Information
Usually you get this because the media is unsupported by the writer, or it doesn’t have an appropriate strategy to write this disc, or possibly just communication issues? Maybe another program is accessing the drive & it can’t get exclusive access?

It’s likely you have installed incd packet writing.
Maybe try uninstalling incd …