Why Cant I burn an AUDIO + DATA CD with NO PAUSES?

I have a CD that I need to play straight through, with no spaces, and also some “enhanced” content I need written as data to the CD. Nero gives me an error that the pause length cant be written , although i h ave burnt many cd without pauses?
if i burn a regular audio cd, its fine, but theres not data
if i use “audio and data cd” the “NO PAUSES” dont get written. I have tried the check that says “no break between tracks” and have also highlighted the tracks, properties, and adjusted the break to 0 sec.

PLEASE! if anyone could help me I would be so grateful!

thanks in advance

i should also add

i am using nero 6
80 min cds
and the goal is an audio cd with extra data content
but the audio cd cannot have pauses between the tracks.
im down to try other software as well to get this workin

thanks again

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