Why cant i burn 90 minute cdr media?

hi, my name is bob, and ima newbie. my problem is this. i am trying to burn music to 90 minute (800mb) media.i am using a LG gsa 4120b dvd/cd writer with firmware a111(newest) i have tried using real player ver 10.5 to create my cd,s it will not recognize media over 80 minutes, so i get error message “will not fit” i have also tried nero 6.3 with the same result. also have tried easy creator 7, same result, but get option to overburn, which does work ok. i have tried contacting helpdesk of real and roxio and nero, none any help at all. Any Ideas please? if the media is generally available why is it not recognized? the media is imation 800mb multispeed.

Does the drive support overburning ? (i’m not sure) if yes, then
in nero, goto preferences, expert features and choose amount of overburning to allow. then u need to do a disc at once to be able to choose the overburn.