Why Can't I Back-up a Back-up Music CD

I was able to copy an audio Cd to store as a back-up in my archive.

I’ve since lost the original.

I want to make a back-up of the back-up so I can have one in my car and one in my archive.

I am unable to make a copy of the copy.

Nero, CloneCD and CDex all fail somewhere in the second song.

Alcoholer doesn’t help.

ClonyXXL showed no copy protection on the original and none on the first copy.

try reading it slower. try another drive if possible

I tried to slow down the burn rate to 8x but it still

I switched back to the original CD and was able to
make an image but the burn to image and then to CD
consecutively failed at it’s fastes rate.

I then burned the image to CD at 4X and it worked.