Why can't 2510A burn Ritek G03 at 1x?



Has anyone been able to burn Ritek G03s at 1x speed with the NEC 2510a drive??

I used to burn with my Pioneer A04, which I could burn at either 1x or 2x on Ritek G03 DVD-Rs, but once I switched to the NEC 2501A drive, it says the supported speeds on the G03 discs are 2x.

If I try to force to 1x, it still actually write at 2x…

Any ideas?

  • bob


Newer drives including the NEC 25xx cannot write at 1x, so 2x is the slowest option you got.

Is it a problem? I am pretty sure that the burn quality at 2x is probably as good or better than your old drive at 1x.


I too thought that it just wasn’t possible for this drive to burn at 1x, but I then tried writing to a DVD-RW which I knew was 1x only, and it did indeed burn at 1x…

My PS2 laser always had trouble reading burns done at 2x on my A04…and they were perfect when burned at 1x. So I’m having trouble with some that I’ve just burned on my 2510A (at 2x)…

I still have to go back and re-burn them at 1x on my A04 and do a comparison…


Well, I don’t have any -RW media at all, but for non-rewritables it is definitely 2x minimum in my drive.


The 2510 definitely only supports 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x for DVD-R