Why can`t I have it like this on my job?



Read the story here:

Somehow I do not have any pity for this guy, even if he felt he had to quit....:confused:


It’s tough arguing with more than 2 women and no men around :slight_smile:


He seems a bit prudish to me…
Stand up and fight for yourself man! :slight_smile:



Personally I wouldn’t mind (provided they were not too bad looking) if a woman decided to flash her tits at me BUT having said that if there are any truth to this guys claims I say go for it.

How many years have women got away with screwing men out of money for shit? or at least the companies they work for. So I say LOL I hope he wins and gets loads of money.



What a whining weenie…:mad: :mad:
I would LOVE to switch my job with his…:stuck_out_tongue:
That dummy was in heaven and didn’t notice!!:Z


Yes I would say he was a dummy - more like DUMBASS…
Some guys just cant function when around women and turn in to rugs - they get walked on too much.