Why Can`t 48125w Do Cd+g

i have got a 48125w writer and in all the writing software it says it can do cd+g eg nero or clonecd i tried to backup a karaoke disk and all i got was the audio tracks am i doing something wrong or can the liteon not do cd+g

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24 views but no answer does anyone know the answer

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Well, Iโ€™m not sure of the answer, but when Nero CDSpeed says that it can do CD+G, it means that it can read it, not necessarily write it. I have heard that you may be able to copy CD+G if you do a raw copy.

This writer should be able to write CD+G, anything that can do DAO RAW-96 should be able to do it. What did you use to make the backup with? It needs to be able to (and set to) READ the subchannel data off the source disc, or else the karaoke stuff wonโ€™t get copied.

your a star robman all you have to do is set clone to read subchannel data and away you go

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